Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Timmy!

Tomorrow we celebrate another birthday in our house...he'll be 29 years young. I say young because the word "old" does not and will never apply to this middle child of ours. To say we are proud of him is an understatement of huge proportions. It's easy to say that about all three of our sons. I'd like to think that I can remember every minute from the time they were born to right now ( well, most of it :)..and they have no idea how just their very existence defines time for their dad and me. I don't think any of us can realize the swift passage of time until we experience children...the birthdays, the holidays, the ages in which they experience their highs and their lows. The loss of teeth, the first day of school, the first recital...all time defining. I remember the first time I related an event to either before the birth of one of the boys or afterwards...with each child a new chapter is written in this endless book of the joys of family. Boy, that's rather profound, isnt' it??? What's really profound in my mind is this young man who was seven just yesterday is living his adult life now as only he can...a life in music with his fiancee, Caitlin. It's obvious that everyday is an adventure for him and them and it is a privilege to be on the outside watching them grow into what their world is going to be. I talked to Caitlin the other day and she told me about her schedule this week and after I heard it all I just wanted to go to bed! How do they do it...a question we all have asked ourselves through time. Of course, there are times when I see a mom in the mall with three kids and think the same thing and then I remember...
We have referred to this day as "Timmy's Eve" for many years...don't know how that's just one of those things. Yes, I have done my share of reflecting today in anticipation of tomorrow...again for the 29th I do every September 4th and October 24th as well. December 9th was a great day to celebrate 29 years ago and will always be...Happy Birthday, Timmy! Thank you for being all that you are, for giving us reasons to be happy, and for teaching us how to love all over again.

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