Sunday, September 25, 2011

24 Days Later...

I really don't know how I literally got here...actually my friend Jennifer here in Abu Dhabi gave me a few tips and here I am and very happy about it too! I really hope I will be able to get here again and in the meantime, I get to play catch up! In a nutshell...

The flight over was great! I slept most of the way which at the time felt wonderful! Of course having not a good idea of time difference yet, we landed soon after finishing breakfast only to watch the sun set as we left the airport and you guessed it...there was no sleep that night. Knowing Terri (my angel friend here) was picking me up the next day at 9am, I just stuck with it and crashed about noon. I only napped for two hours that day and as the days went by, it didn't take too long to adjust. There have been some hard days that were a little unexpected, but it all evened out. We found an apartment in Etihad Towers. We decided on a 3 bedroom place in Tower 5 overlooking the gulf...truly a view difficult to describe. The water is beautiful...all the time. Did I mention we are on the 52nd floor???

Days are spent out with new and wonderful friends rapidly becoming family. This is one part of this whole adventure that I was really excited about. The group of people here from BAH is amazing and we all have enjoyed each other's company tremendously. We are all ages and fun...most of us are experieincing the same aches and pains with good doses of senses of humor and that's what it takes to accept the different way of life we all are living right now.

We've spent most of our time within the city limits of Abu Dhabi. We have traveled over to Dubai a couple of times marveling at the desert, saw some camels wandering around,  and admiring the new and very comtempory buildings that make up this city like I have never seen (except in the Jetson cartoons)!.
I should talk about the food, but even mentioning it brings on 5 more pounds to add to the rest of the weight gained just by thinking we have to sample everything. Seriously, we have not had a bad meal yet and I don't expect to ever have a bad meal. Customer service is definitely a priority here and certainly helps the adjustment. We are living in the Khalidiya Palace Hotel right now and will be here till the first part of November. Hotel living here is not hotel living at home and will not be a hardship at all. I can say, though. that I really don't like not knowing how to get around and depending on my friends so much, but I know that will end. I look forward to walking out my own front door one day soon and getting in my own car and going somewhere without questioning how to get there. I keep telling myself I know more today than I did yesterday and will know more tomorrow. Sometimes I just want to go to bed!!!
Okay...that's it for right now. There is so much to talk about and I will eventually cover it all. My next project is to figure out how to load pictures. I envy the DNA of our children's generation. They just automatically know how to do this stuff...I should be so lucky!
Until the next time...  


  1. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself! How is the culture there? Do you feel safe? Keep posting!

  2. Love the blog and the pix! Can't believe you're there either. Hope your windows are tinted; BTW how much do they pay their window washers unless dirt doesn't happen that high up. :-)

    Love you, Gwen