Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The first three pictures were taken from our balcony of the hotel room we are living in at the moment. We've been very comfortable here and the views are beautiful. We did find out today that we can move into our apartment on November 12th and we are looking forward to finally being in our own place. That said, I can honestly say that we have never been treated this well in a hotel...ever. They mean it when they say their customer service is priority one and that philosophy seems to be city wide. Always polite and efficient, it's been a great experience. It's definitely tourist season...the hotel is hopping! The weather is perfect (my apologizes to those who just experienced snow)...warm in the day and so comfortably cool at night.

I went to the mall yesterday and remembered to take my camera this time. The last three photos are quite self explanatory (food!) and are very typical of what I've found in the malls over here. Walking around in these shopping areas I've realized, whether it's on purpose or not, a lot of the same kind stores are grouped together...sporting goods in one area, women's clothing in another, and banks and phone stores in another..not spread out like ours are.. Prayer rooms are as common as our sitting areas in our malls...and yes, Starbucks is everywhere! There are the typical fast food chains, but there are some surprises too. I never expected to see Claire's, Ace Hardware, or Edible Arrangements here. Ahhhh. the comforts of home! Guess what the last picture is??? :-)...

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  1. Do they have clown cones at the Abu Dhabi B & R?