Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Views from the 52nd Floor

I admit I am getting very little accomplished in my apartment at the moment. Last night was our first night here and I can't stop staring out the windows. The place is a wreck with stuff everywhere and sadly (not really :-) I have realized from experience that it's not going anywhere and that I will eventually get around to it. Daily I watch the boaters on the water in their ski boats and on their jet skis buzzing around the gulf. The water is a beautiful two toned aqua blue. Somebody has a yacht parked in their private spot in the marina and the rooftop of the Emirates Palace Hotel shines both in the day and at night below my living room window. The Presidential Palace on this end of the island is off to the left and apparently they need another one as there is yet another palace being built over to the right not a mile away. I count 15 cranes and they are in constant motion. There are several small islands that surround the area...some with buildings on them and some that are just sand. There are 2 more hotels being built out the windows of what will be our guest room. All the workers are in green shirts and they look like an army of ants moving around and constantly working both day and night. Outside our bedroom window is the view of the Cornishe...the main road that follows the shoreline on the outskirts of the city. Rooftops of other buildings are very interesting as I see swimming pools and restaurants instead of air conditioner and utility areas on some of them. I have a straight shot to the mall as the crow flies...that said I have not seen any crows or any birds at this level yet...only helicopter. We just happened to be looking out our living room windows the other day and a helicopter flew by at eye level. Yes, I  waved and was totally blown away at what we had just seen. I could stare out the windows for hours watching the tug boats bring in the supply ships or the cars traveling up the road and into town. Sunsets every evening happen quickly and will definitely be a time of day where you will find me in front of a window. As the sun goes down, the lights come up and it's a whole different world full of motion and color. Night time wakes up and the observations start all over again...

I have got to get busy!!!! 

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  1. Wow. enjoy it. The sun and moon are so much better in middle east! Always liked hearing prayer call and watching the sun set.have you swim in the water yet?