Monday, November 7, 2011

Some Observations...

There is a big holiday going on right now called Eid Al-Adhr. There are throngs of  happy people's a time for family, traditions, and celebration in the Muslim world and it's been very interesting watching it all. Our hotel went from being this rather quiet resort to a total buzz at all hours of the day and night in no time. Seems like the majority of our newest visitors are families on vacation and not just here for the holiday...apparently it's tourst season as well. We are hearing a lot of Russian being spoken around the area these days along with the other many different other languages in the least those I recognize.
I have always been curious about foreign languages and have enjoyed what little I can still speak other than English and well...southern :-). However, in my observations the last couple of days with all the families here filling the lobby, restaurants, pool, and beach areas, I have picked up on some very familiar voice tones. I do believe there are endless ways to tell a 3 year old not to throw his sister's toys in the pool after the mother has fished them out 25 times. I do believe there are endless ways to tell a 4 year old not to take off his bathing suit in the lobby of the hotel. And, I do believe food fights between siblings exist everywhere...the rules are the same no matter what part of the world you call home and not a word has to be spoken. The expressions on some of the faces of the moms and dads are crystal clear in any language after a day at the beach and the language of that cry we all know from the overtired little one who has been on that beach and ocean high for just a little too long needs no words at all. This afternoon I listened and watched a mom sing to her children in the elevator to quiet them down as they headed back to their room for a rest (I hope) for all of them and I was quite amused watching a group of kids talking a mile a minute about where they've been that day and what the plan is for that night. We really don't need to understand the words to get what's going's all universal. Hearing with our eyes sometimes explains everything...

Eid Mubarak Everyone!

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